About UDT


It takes experience, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence to forge a new path and create a winning enterprise. That’s exactly what makes Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) so successful. Launched in 2008, UDT has a history that extends nearly 40 years and through two generations.

Like all good inventions, UDT’s proprietary coatings began out of necessity. Roger Negaard, father of UDT’s president Travis Negaard, was a commercial cleaner in the ‘70s and wanted to find a better way to finish and maintain his clients’ floors. He knew that stripping, buffing, and recoating was time intensive and provided low margins to support the effort entailed in the endeavor.

Instead of settling for the same-old thing, Roger looked to create the ideal coating material, one that would protect surfaces, provide abrasion resistance, and produce a beautiful shine. And he had additional requirements: it had to be low maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly, and require minimal labor to use. He brought on his son Travis to work with chemists, and together, they marketed and distributed some of the first urethane floor coatings available for the vinyl tile market.

Armed with this first success, Travis started Ultra Durable Technologies to take urethane coating to the next level and change the market as people knew it. He and the rest of our team understand the industry and have the experience to ensure we continue to be innovative leaders in the manufacture and sale of specialty coatings, sealers, and finishes for commercial and industrial floors and surfaces.

We are striving to bring the best training opportunities available for our customers, both in-person and online.

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UDT’s Core Values:

Service is #1

  • Harvest relationships with customers and coworkers
  • Consultative selling
  • Provide honest and clear expectations
  • Contribute to our community

Deliver consistent and reliable products

  • Quality control is essential to our success
  • Promote standard operating procedures
  • Aspire for the best products and service

Value innovation

  • There is always a “better way”
  • All things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23)
  • Dream big and think outside of the box
  • Aim for environmentally and user-friendly products

Strive for excellence

  • We need to grow (personally and collectively) or we will diminish
  • With growth comes challenge; embrace it
  • Enjoy the process


UDT’s Passion: 

Find the need and fill it.

UDT’s Niche:  

Provide innovative solutions with sustainable coatings.